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Making beekeeping accessible

Plan Bee

Sponsor A Hive

Plan Bee is a locally owned beekeeping business dedicated to helping people learn more about the fascinating world of bees and the importance of their honey and pollination. We offer an exciting opportunity to sponsor a hive for $385 per year and host it in your backyard.


What's included:

  1. A beehive on your property managed by our team*

  2. The chance to learn about bees with supervised peeks into the hive 

  3. Name the queen and have it included on every jar of honey produced from the hive

  4. Bring two people to help with the honey harvest

  5. Enjoy 5 kgs of bottled honey to keep and share with family and friends

$385 per hive annually

Join us and become a part of the Plan Bee community!








* If your site isn't suitable for hives, we'll partner you with a nearby location and arrange hive visits. 

Note: We will bring all of the equipment and set up a convenient location for the honey harvest (typically end of August).

All of our hives are fully insured and licensed with the City of Calgary.


Plan Bee is your one-stop shop for all things beekeeping! We make it fun and accessible by opening up the hives for a truly unique hands-on experience. For a lasting legacy, each jar will have a personalized label, and you'll have the opportunity to extract fresh honey with a flavour that's unique to the location of the hives.


Hands-On Learning

Enjoy taking a peek inside the hive during a regular weekly inspection, and feel the energy and buzz of the colony. We provide full body suits and full length gloves for your protection, and takes anywhere from 30-45 minutes!

Queen Herta Honey

Name the Queen

Plan Bee offers a unique experience to honour a special woman (or man!) in your life by naming the queen of your hive. That name will be included on every label of honey sold from the hive, for a lasting legacy.


Harvest the Honey

Enjoy the sweet rewards of harvesting your own honey, straight from the hive. Try your hand at every task, from uncapping the honey frames, to testing moisture with the refractometer, to spinning Dorothy (the honey extractor!) and more!

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